• SADLY BY YOUR SIDE is an eight-song album that describes and explores the theme of distance, how physical and emotional distance can act upon us like a thin blanket of fog, warm and embracing that tries to keep us safe. But when the music fades, we feel lonely and fragile once again, like we were before listening to it. The record is a journey that takes us away from ourselves and, at the same time, helps us discover what it means to be home.

    Sadly by your side’ is not only an album, but also a Book and a synesthetic iOS app; a processing and remixing tool where each song can be endlessly transformed depending on the images you focus on with your camera. 

    Using custom built software, the visual input is converted into a new image painted with red, blue and black. Each of these colors directly affects elements of the music. In the end, each track is unique, with a remodeled harmony, melody and rhythm, constructed as a direct result of the environment captured by the camera. The iPhone is used as a window to the external world, a world that alters the perception of the album. 

    To listen to the song in its original form, focus the app on one of the eight images available in the book Sadly by your side. They contain the exact amount of red, blue and black to produce the right harmony, melody and rhythm. 

    Sadly by your side is part of a major project, called Objectify mp3, that involves all Fabrica’s creative studios, aiming to reinvent the way Fabrica produces, distributes and enhances its music. Given that music is now a largely digital experience, and physicality is removed or at least transposed, what else could we create around the distribution, discovery and listening experiences? Fabrica’s researchers started from this question, with the intention to create several new forms of music media: a self-published book, a free iOS application and a music video were born, each linked to the other through music to create a powerful aesthetic imaginary.

    EDISONNOSIDE - IF YOU LEAVE from Christian Coppe on Vimeo.


    iOS APP


    Cover Artwork : Claudio Fabbro, 
    Matteo di Iorio, Christian Coppe, Davide Cairo
    Book Design: Claudio Fabbro & Matteo di Iorio
    App Design and Development : Angelo Semeraro

    Video: Christian Coppe & Manuel Favarin

    Bass : Marco Faccini (
    Drums : ­Geremia Vinattieri ( 

    Mixed by: Gianluca Zanin (StudioBeat2)
    Mastered by: SignalTouch 

    Fabrica 2013©